A Belated Birthday Post + Goals I Have for My 20’s!

It’s ironic how this post is going up more than a month after my birthday, because it was mainly supposed to be about how in my 20s I want to be more productive. Guess i’m off to a bad start.

I turned 20 on july 30th, and as I entered my 20s (saying ‘i’m in my 20s’ sounds crazy to me) I decided to set some goals for myself. My teenage years were great, however they were also very uneventful. I never got the boy, snuck out late, traveled the world, or whatever all of those unrealistic teen movies made you think your teens would be like.

I guess I never lived life to the fullest. I’ve always been a shy person, and I think its held me back from having a lot of cool experiences as a teenager. So that’s where my list comes in; I wrote out a list of all the goals I have for myself for my 20s, and I hope by sharing them with you all and having them published out in the universe they can serve as a constant reminder to enjoy life and seize new opportunities and adventures I normally wouldn’t.

So without further adieu, here is my list!

  • I want to really get this blog off the ground, I don’t post much on here and it partially has to do with not wanting to be judged for having a blog in the first place, but that to me seems like a silly reason to not do something that makes me happy, so i’m working towards not caring as much and hopefully I will be able to really put in the time to make this a great space for me to post what I love! I actually just read a great post by Amber from The Barefoot Blonde with tips for starting a blog! https://www.Barefootblonde.Com/2018/08/top-8-tips-for-new-bloggers/
  • As silly and superficial as it sounds, I want a boyfriend! I know this is very bare minimum and when I read this back one day i’ll laugh, but I am very much lacking in the boy experience department, which was fine when I was a teenager but ever since I turned 20 I feel like i’m going to end up a sad hypoallergenic dog lady. (Dramatic I know)
  • Travel more. This is a big one for me, I always dream of going on adventures and experiencing parts of the world different from where I live. We never traveled farther than florida when I was little, and up until a few weeks ago the only other country I have been to was mexico. I guess I already started to check this one off the list because a couple weeks ago I did the most adult thing I could think of and flew all the way to europe to visit a friend. Alone.  (Blog post coming soon on that!)
  • Work on my photography. I am currently a photography major in college and love learning about how I can improve my skills technically, but I really want to create more of a signature style as a photographer. I was actually thinking of creating a lightroom preset pack! Let me know in the comments if that’s something you think is worth investing in from other bloggers!
  • I want to work on myself and who I want to be more. Like I said in the beginning, I want to be more productive. Not only with writing and school work but with my time and what I put my priorities into. I feel like I’m in a rut, and have been for a while. I need to focus more on my mind, and my space and just start 20 off fresh and clear minded. More optimistic and open to new experiences!
  • I want to have more of a personal stye, almost like an aesthetic for myself; how I dress, present myself, my room, all that jazz. I know I have style, but I’m way too lazy to ever dress like I do. If you ever saw me walking by i’d probably be dressed in leggings and a hoodie. And if you saw my room it would look like an eclectic mess. And don’t even get me started on my instagram theme. Yikes. (For a photography major I really do have a bad insta feed) this point goes into my last one I guess in a sense that figuring out who I am can help figure out my style! I just want to make a conscious effort to present myself better if that makes sense lol.

Overall it seems like I have a lot of self improvement I want to do, and although it seems like a lot, I’m not expecting it to happen overnight- any of it. This is more of an inspirational list for me to share my wishes for my 20s and my goals for the next 10 years!

If anyone has any of their own goals they have made or tips they would love to share feel free to leave a comment below!

Spring Break in Cancun Mexico

This past march I was fortunate enough to travel to Cancun Mexico for my spring break! This was my first official time flying out of the country (I went on a cruise that stopped in Cozumel Mexico a couple of years ago but we were only there for a day) and the fact that I HATE planes and had not been on one in almost 4 years made me both excited and nervous. I made it a personal goal to try and concur my fear of flying on this trip, which didn’t really happen until the flight home.IMG_0121-2

We left bright and early Sunday morning, headed to the airport and got through security nice and easy. Once we boarded I found out my seat was alone on the isle (the worst spot, I’m # team window) next to strangers I didn’t know. thankfully some of the people I was traveling with got bumped up to the isle across from me. Oh? did I mention there were no TVs on our plane? I know that sounds like a first world problem but that was how I was planning on calming my travel anxiety. oh well. I popped my headphones in and braced myself for take off. I really wish I was kidding but I’m dead serious when I say ‘Defying Gravity’ came on shuffle as we became air bound lol! Overall, the flight was fine. cramped and long and my foot kept getting run over by the drink cart but fine. All I could think about was the fact that we were headed for sunny 80 degree weather!

We stayed at the Beautiful Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun Hotel. This hotel is the perfect place to stay in Cancun, especially during the crazy spring break season. It is a little more on the pricey side compared to spring break favorites likes the Hard Rock Hotel and Oasis Cancun (my whole family went so that is why we stayed here) so the atmosphere is more relaxation than party. It is right in the center of downtown Cancun, but honestly you would never notice unless you left the resort. The hotel was spacious and beautiful and the staff were excellent. Our rooms were very also very big with two queen beds and a sitting area, plus it had a beautiful ocean view from the balcony!



The lovely staff suggested while we were checking in that we upgrade our rooms to VIP for $100 USD a night. With that we would get access to a special beach section, unlimited drinks, special dinning options and a coupon book full of free offers to try at the hotel like Jet Skis and spa treatments (which we did, 10/10 would recommend the hydro therapy). The hotel isn’t all inclusive, so If you are able to do this upgrade you won’t be disappointed. It’s honestly an amazing deal because it’s per room not person. Once we got our cute little black VIP wrist bands we headed to the beach to get our tan on!

The VIP beach section was honestly amazing, there were lounge chairs with cushions and big day beds to sleep on and you got your drinks delivered to your seat, it all made me feel like a princess. the crystal clear blue water was steps away from our chairs and the big pool with the swim up bar was right up the steps. We spent most of our time on the beach but we took a few dips in the pool and hung out by the swim up bar around sunset before dinner a few times!


I want pause real quick to give a special shout out to our two amazing serves who took care of us on the beach all week and were so incredibly kind to us! Thank you Adrian and JJ, the two of you were so wonderful to us and made our trip so memorable, I don’t know if you will ever see this but I don’t want your hard work to go unnoticed. we truly  appreciate you both so much!


These two made the best drinks, we accidentally ordered a pineapple juice and Malibu instead of a Malibu and coke, but let me tell you it was the best damn thing we drank all week! Yes, the drinking age in Mexico is 18 so yes, I could drink and this was my drink of choice. And If you’re like me and hate the taste of alcohol, fear not, this is the magic drink. It honestly just tastes like fruity goodness! My mother makes these at home now for pool parties Lol!

As relaxing as the whole week was, us kids were itching for a little excitement. And we happened to find that at the infamous Señor Frogs right down the street from our hotel! I am not the club type at all, I really wanted to stay in the room and finish watching ‘Letters to Juliet’ on Netflix, but the rest of the kids persuaded me and off we went to our wild night out. IMG_9989

( My outfit is from Forever 21! unfortunately they don’t have the top anymore but I will link a similar one along with the pants!) My Pants! Similar Top!

If you’ve never been to Señor Frogs let me fill you in real quick, it is a restaurant / Bar / Club all in one. It is the most bizarre, entertaining, fun place you could go to for a night out. We did a special where we got dinner and free drinks all night which was honestly a steal because some of us drank A LOT. We got there and got sat at a table along the side and ate our tacos before the real fun began. The night started with Ballon hats because why not right?! then we got funny name tags and free tequila shots. You could never be bored there even if you tried. There were conga lines, and twerk offs and even a candle light rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody with birthday candles. It honestly was a super fun night out and a great place to go outside of the resort.

Overall, it was an amazing trip and I’m so grateful to haven been able to go on it with my family. Cancun is beautiful, and such a fun place to visit! I absolutely recommend staying here, and taking in all the area has to offer! beautiful beaches, great food, lots of good drinks and plenty to do! I was a very sad girl when it was time to come home (at least the flight home was better in the window seat lol ) but I am so lucky to have gone on this amazing trip! I will end the post with some of my favorite photos of the trip!

My Favorite Makeup Products

Have you ever tried what feels like hundreds of makeup products and can’t seem to find the ones that work for you? Well you’re in luck because I’m here to share my easy go-to makeup products for a simple flawless face!

STEP 1: PRIMER Too Faced Hangover PrimerIMG_0898

This primer is the most light weight non pore clogging primer I’ve ever used. It barley feels like you have anything on and wakes up your sink! AND it smells like a beachy coconut dream!

STEP 2: FOUNDATION Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

I work very hard on keeping my skin nice and clear, so when I do want to put something on my face that isn’t full coverage, this is my go-to. This BB cream is perfect for me because I know it will give me a nice even base while also being good for my skin! it has salicylic acid in it which is an ingredient that flights acne. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it just melts into my skin and can be builded up for more coverage.

OR FOR A FULLER COVERAGE LOOK Makeup Forever HD FoundationIMG_0915

If you’re looking for a more full coverage foundation, MUF HD is is the perfect foundation! It is a buildable full coverage foundation with a wide shade range, and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or cakey! I use this in place of my BB cream when I want a more flawless finish!

STEP 3: CONCEALER Nars Creamy Radiant ConcealerIMG_0904
The hype is real for this concealer. It’s creamy formula blends flawlessly and it is totally buildable to cover under eye bags and blemishes. It doesn’t feel heavy and with a wide variety of shades it will surly blend seamlessly into your foundation of choice!

STEP 4: POWDER Laura Mercier Translucent Lose Setting PowderIMG_0901

Until I discovered this powder, I always looked a little cakey as the day went on, and always had a hint of flash back. I always heard such great reviews of this powder but was hesitant to try it because of its price tag ($38) so I decided to test out the travel sized one before I decided I was all in. Best. Decision. Ever. This powder sets like a dream, I use the real techniques brush pictured to lightly bake my T-zone, and then after a couple of minutes, I’ll take a large powder brush to blend it out into the rest of my skin. for under the eyes I dip my damp beauty blender directly into the powder and press it under my eyes for a flawless bake. this technique really gives you an airbrushed look and keeps your concealer on ALL DAY. And after a few minutes along with the rest of my face I will blend it all out and voilà! you have a ready set face!

STEP 5: CONTOUR The Balm Bahama MamaIMG_0895

If you’re looking for an inexpensive matte bronzer this is the one to get! its very comparable to Benefit Hoola, and is a great shade for contour. Bahama Mama is only $15 at most retail stores. The thing I love most about this contour is that it is matte so it’s perfect to sculpt your face with as apposed to a shimmery bronzer!

STEP 6: BLUSH Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in UnstoppableIMG_0892

I love this blush because of it’s terra-cotta tone and I tend to wear more orange based blushes so I immediately gravitated towards this color. Although I colder find this shade on tastes site, they have many similar colors to choose from. If you want a more pink blush this blush has a 10+ shade range perfect for every skin tone! I really recommend this formula as it applies beautifully and can be built up or blended out to achieve the perfect rosy cheek look!

STEP 7: EYES Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy PaletteIMG_0885

I’m a HUGE Kardashian fan, so when Kylie launched Kylie Cosmetics, I was super excited.   I know a lot of people were skeptical about whether her products would be high quality or if they would be cheaply made over priced rip offs with her name slapped on. When the lip kits launched I knew she was the real deal and couldn’t wait for her to expand the line. I admire Kylie for being so involved and hands on with her products and really working to make them high quality and unique. When I got this eye palette for Christmas a couple years ago, I was blown away by the shadow pay off. the pigmentation and blend-ability of all the colors is phenomenal. I use every shade in the palette and am able to create an assortment of looks within it. When I travel this is my go-to palette! I’ll link the palette below so you can take a look at the colors! they are very warm pinks and oranges and look great on all skin tones!

Burgundy Palette Link

STEP 8: LASHES Tarte Lights Camera LashesIMG_0907

So I originally purchased this in a travel sized set along with the Tarte blush as I was having a little treat yourself with myself, and let me say this stuff is great. The bristles on the mascara wand really separate my lashes and the rich Amazonian Clay formula defines then beyond belief! what really got me though was how perfect it was not only for my top lashes but also for the bottom lashes! I’m a firm believer that no makeup look is complete without a coat of lower mascara and this wand is perfect for the job! The Bristles on the wand are shorter and stiffer than most which really get into the roots of the top lashes but it makes them the perfect size for the bottom as well! All you need is a good curler and one or two coats of this and your lashes will look like falsies and last all day!

STEP 9: BROWS Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow WizIMG_0912

I’m super particular about how my brows look, and have been into the feathery instagram brow lately, so the Brow Wiz is my best friend! you can be as light or as dark as you want with this; its super easy to get natural brows or bold defined ones with the Wiz. It comes in a variety of shades perfect for every hair color! The waxy formula of the color helps them stay looking fierce all day. I also really like having the spoolie on the opposite end to comb out the color after I’m done for a more natural look. I’ve tried powders, pomades and mascaras and I can honestly say that nothing has worked as well for me as the Brow Wiz, not even drug store brand dupes. I think everyone should splurge on this product because not only does it work great, it’s shade rang has warm tone and cooler tone options! That means no more redish-brown brows! This truly is my best brow friend lol

STEP 10: HIGHLIGHT Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop


If your anything like me, and you like to like to have a blinding highlight, this is for you. Everyone raves about this collaboration and its easy to see why and if you haven’t already gotten your hands on this product you will want to for sure. This is the most beautiful shimmery gold highlight I’ve ever worn. Its a powder, but it feels oh so creamy and blends into your skin wonderfully. You will feel like you have a warm glow from within when you sweep this on. It’s also great for most skin tones which means anyone can really use this poppin’ highlighter!

STEP 11: LIPS all about the gloss!IMG_0914

So I couldn’t quite decide which gloss I wanted to include so I just picked two of my current faves; Kylie Cosmetics in Literally and Buxom Plumping Gloss in Clair! I think glosses are definitely the move for this summer, they just make you feel like a hydrated shimmery queen. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old matte shade, but for everyday looks and summertime Glosses really make you looks hydrated and plump (and they are easy to apply!) I love pinky nude shades and these two are super natural yet give off great color. the Buxom gloss is a shimmery plumping gloss while the Kylie gloss is just a glossy non shimmer color. Both work great and I recommend any shade by both brands!


These products are truly my favorite and I swear by all of them. To apply all of my powders and shadows I use either BH cosmetics brushes or Real Techniques! Both are super affordable and really high quality. It doesn’t really matter what order you put everything on either everyone has their preference! All together these create my favorite simple or glam looks and I hope you all try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!!

My First Blog Post + Some Facts About Me!

Welcome to my first official blog post! I’m not entirely sure where to begin, so I think it best if I start out with an introduction!

  • My name is Alexa and I’m 19 years old. (about to turn 20!)
  • My birthday is July 30th 1998 (90’s baby)
  • I am currently going into my junior year in college as a visual arts photography major
  • photography is the main reason I created this blog, I love to take photos and share my experiences with the world ( and what better way to showcase my pictures than on a blog?! )
  • I love makeup, finding and experimenting with new products is one of my favorite things to do!
  • I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and plan on doing that this year and documenting all my trips (big and small) on my blog!
  • My favorite color is orange, always has been always will be! I’m not really sure why though lol
  • My favorite movie is ‘ The Wolf Of Wall Street ‘ 100% best movie ever (Leo TOTALLY deserved an Oscar for that one)
  • My favorite book is ‘ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
  • I’m Italian and my favorite food is pasta ( with sushi as a very close second! )
  • If I could travel to any place in the world? It would be South Africa!

Hope this helps you get to know me a little better!