A Belated Birthday Post + Goals I Have for My 20’s!

It’s ironic how this post is going up more than a month after my birthday, because it was mainly supposed to be about how in my 20s I want to be more productive. Guess i’m off to a bad start.

I turned 20 on july 30th, and as I entered my 20s (saying ‘i’m in my 20s’ sounds crazy to me) I decided to set some goals for myself. My teenage years were great, however they were also very uneventful. I never got the boy, snuck out late, traveled the world, or whatever all of those unrealistic teen movies made you think your teens would be like.

I guess I never lived life to the fullest. I’ve always been a shy person, and I think its held me back from having a lot of cool experiences as a teenager. So that’s where my list comes in; I wrote out a list of all the goals I have for myself for my 20s, and I hope by sharing them with you all and having them published out in the universe they can serve as a constant reminder to enjoy life and seize new opportunities and adventures I normally wouldn’t.

So without further adieu, here is my list!

  • I want to really get this blog off the ground, I don’t post much on here and it partially has to do with not wanting to be judged for having a blog in the first place, but that to me seems like a silly reason to not do something that makes me happy, so i’m working towards not caring as much and hopefully I will be able to really put in the time to make this a great space for me to post what I love! I actually just read a great post by Amber from The Barefoot Blonde with tips for starting a blog! https://www.Barefootblonde.Com/2018/08/top-8-tips-for-new-bloggers/
  • As silly and superficial as it sounds, I want a boyfriend! I know this is very bare minimum and when I read this back one day i’ll laugh, but I am very much lacking in the boy experience department, which was fine when I was a teenager but ever since I turned 20 I feel like i’m going to end up a sad hypoallergenic dog lady. (Dramatic I know)
  • Travel more. This is a big one for me, I always dream of going on adventures and experiencing parts of the world different from where I live. We never traveled farther than florida when I was little, and up until a few weeks ago the only other country I have been to was mexico. I guess I already started to check this one off the list because a couple weeks ago I did the most adult thing I could think of and flew all the way to europe to visit a friend. Alone.  (Blog post coming soon on that!)
  • Work on my photography. I am currently a photography major in college and love learning about how I can improve my skills technically, but I really want to create more of a signature style as a photographer. I was actually thinking of creating a lightroom preset pack! Let me know in the comments if that’s something you think is worth investing in from other bloggers!
  • I want to work on myself and who I want to be more. Like I said in the beginning, I want to be more productive. Not only with writing and school work but with my time and what I put my priorities into. I feel like I’m in a rut, and have been for a while. I need to focus more on my mind, and my space and just start 20 off fresh and clear minded. More optimistic and open to new experiences!
  • I want to have more of a personal stye, almost like an aesthetic for myself; how I dress, present myself, my room, all that jazz. I know I have style, but I’m way too lazy to ever dress like I do. If you ever saw me walking by i’d probably be dressed in leggings and a hoodie. And if you saw my room it would look like an eclectic mess. And don’t even get me started on my instagram theme. Yikes. (For a photography major I really do have a bad insta feed) this point goes into my last one I guess in a sense that figuring out who I am can help figure out my style! I just want to make a conscious effort to present myself better if that makes sense lol.

Overall it seems like I have a lot of self improvement I want to do, and although it seems like a lot, I’m not expecting it to happen overnight- any of it. This is more of an inspirational list for me to share my wishes for my 20s and my goals for the next 10 years!

If anyone has any of their own goals they have made or tips they would love to share feel free to leave a comment below!